Add beauty and protection to your entry points with wrought iron gates, perfect for gardens, driveways or metal fence gate access producing high quality materials for customers in Los Angeles County. We also customize electric gates for automated leaving and entering, which double as a beautiful accent to your home or place of business.

Our products are hand crafted by experienced and qualified craftsmen. We provide exceptional customer service and support and offer a no-hassle 7 day money back guarantee.

Custom-made Wrought Iron Designs from Affordable Iron Works.

We have an amazingly talented team of designers and craftsmen who are capable of dreaming up some of the most innovative and creative designs imaginable. The beauty of ironwork over other materials is that by combining traditional techniques with modern machine technology, it is possible to create almost anything. We have been asked to create stunning and unique ironwork for customers for over 35 years and we love the challenge of taking on something new. There is no limit to what we can create. The only limit is your imagination!