Renovating your existing home or finishing a basement can really add value to your home. Refurbishing or updating your railings, spindles and stairs can help increase this value for less than you think. You can now get all of your renovation finishing products from one source. Custom-made wrought iron railings are a creative way to affordably add unique personality to your home or building. Better yet, because they are an excellent way to make your place stand out and give it that “intangible” look of beauty, our railings can significantly increase the value of your home by far more than what it costs to have the work done.

Our range of railings are designed to beautifully complement our gates collections, the addition of railings adds impact and also heightens security.

As all of our railings are made to measure, we can guarantee the perfect fit. The designs can be modified to best suit the space you have along with accommodating any style ideas and preferences you have.

Your gates may be the biggest feature at the front of your home but matching railings around the perimeter or across the tops of walls can enhance the look of your home immensely while increasing its value and curb appeal.

Even if you do not have a gate to complement, our unique designs can be used on any type of property and look stunning just on their own.